When Captain Electric opened its doors in Charleston, South Carolina. We had the goal of providing reliable and professional service to the Lowcountry while adhering to a high standard of safety measures.

Captain Electric implements a rigorous preventative and corrective safety program that is OSHA and NFPA compliant and meets IEEE standards.

Safety training begins immediately after the employee is hired and each employee is required to complete the company new hire safety program checklist. This program was designed to protect employees against electrical shock, burns, and other electrical hazards as well as informing the employee of important company policies and procedures. The program teaches the employee about fall protection, proper ladder use, and person protective equipment such as hard hats, safety glasses, and gloves. The safety program also clearly defines common electrical hazards found on job sites such as confined spaces, lockout/Tag out, exposed electrical parts, and damp locations along with giving clear directions on how to safely preform work.

Safety training does not stop as soon as the employee has completed their new hire checklist. Captain Electric is committed to day to day safety measures. Safety site precautions taken for all companies include requiring handrails in house for stairs, stable fall protection, and enforcing on site personal protection equipment such as non-conductive hard hats, protective eye glasses, rubber insulating gloves, and insulated tools. Each company also enforces weekly employee safety meetings which encompass safety topics such as ladder safety, on-site injuries, and other job site hazards. Along with weekly meetings, a safety coordinator preforms weekly on-site safety inspections for all company sites. The safety coordinator inspects each site to evaluate if company safety policies are being followed and holds employees accountable for safety policies. Any employee who is found to be in violation of policy is reprimanded, upper management is notified, and proper disciplinary actions are taken to diminish repeat safety violations.

Captain Electric values the safety of employees on site and also on the road. Employees who operate company motor vehicles are held to strict standards and policies regarding vehicles and driving. The driving and traffic policy outlines the expectations each employee is to abide by if they wish to keep their company driving privileges. Some of these policies include banning other passengers except for company employees, locking all doors while en route and while parked, and requiring cargo in truck to be secured. All companies also enact a distracted driving policy which prohibits using a hand-held cell phone while operating a vehicle whether the vehicle is in motion or at a stop light. The policy also require cell phones be turned off or on silent before the employee can start the car. Company cars are also fitted with video and audio recording devices and drivers are randomly selected to have footage reviewed for policy compliance. Along with these safe-driving policies, vehicles inspections are done once a month to ensure they are in safe operating condition.

Captain Electric goes above and beyond general safety expectations to create and nurture a healthy and safe working environment at all sites and facilities. We seek to improve safety efforts because they realize a successful workplace is a safe workplace. The policies and programs put into effect have reduced lost days of work from occupational injuries and each company has been able to reward and recognize the efforts of the employees who commit themselves to providing the most reliable service while maintaining a hazard free and safe work environment.


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  • Our employees are trained, background checked and drug tested - for your safety.
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  • We offer a One Year Warranty on all work performed.
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